How does your garden grow? Rather poorly, to be honest.

We have had a very wet and cool spring (including a mid-May snowfall), which means the garden is not doing very well. We have managed to harvest some radishes, but some were cracked and split from the moisture. So far, that’s it. They did taste good, so that’s a plus. I am planning to make pesto from the greens.


I’ve planted the tomatoes and peppers in large containers and they are doing fairly well, as are the peas. The beets and onions are not really growing at all. Some of our lettuces looked promising until they were damaged by a recent hailstorm. So it has been a disappointing start for our garden. Aside from the weather, I think we should have worked on improving the soil a bit more for better drainage. We’ll see how things go as the weather dries out a bit.


Failed hats

I had an awesome plan for handmade gifts for my dad and brother. I was going to make some winter hats. They would be made of knit (old sweaters) and lined with fleece, and best of all, they would be reversible. They would be soft, super warm, and awesome. For the first hat, I got one of Jared’s hats and traced it to make a pattern, then cut the pattern from both materials–an old beige cardigan and some super-soft royal blue fleece. Each went together nicely and looked like a hat. So far so good.

Then, I sewed them together. I thought a zigzag stitch in royal blue would look nice. However, this was absolutely the wrong choice. I’m not sure what happened, exactly–I think I may have pulled the material too much when sewing–but the zigzag stitch flattened both materials and sort of stretched them out, giving the whole thing a scalloped edge that sort of looked like an old bonnet or ruffly sleeping cap. It was…pretty bad. See for yourself.


It gets even worse when reversed.



Fortunately, although I started this project the day before the family gift exchange, I did so early enough in the day that I had plenty of time to go shopping for real gifts. ┬áThe moral of the story: I’m not sure, exactly, but I suspect it involves an actual pattern.

I still think the basic idea is salvageable, but it will be a while before I attempt it again.