Tiny books

We are settling into our new home, but we are definitely lacking some furnishings. In preparation for the move, most of our furniture and a good portion of our other stuff went to Goodwill, consignment, friends, family, and neighbors. Not only did we not want to move things 1000 miles across the country, but a lot of things that looked great in our 1910 bungalow did not fit the style or constricted floor plan of our new 1950s ranch. In a quest to find stuff for our house at affordable prices, we have started going to estate sales. This has become a problem. Not only have we not found anything I envisioned (I had dreams of finding a midcentury coffee table, a starburst mirror, or a record player console), but we have accumulated completely unnecessary (but awesome!) stuff, such as a concrete bust of Apollo and this, our most recent purchase:


Yes, a dollhouse. I don’t remember how much we paid for this thing–I do know it was 25% off and, no joke, the women running the estate sale applauded when we bought it. i am a sucker for anything miniature, and I just had to have it.

The dollhouse came with some furnishings, but I thought it would be lots of fun to make my own. I quickly found that there are lots of people out there who take dollhouse miniatures very seriously. After bookmarking a ton of sites, I decided to try my hand at these miniature books. They didn’t look so difficult, and I had all the materials at hand.

I began with the rather ambitious goal of making about a dozen little books for my dollhouse bookshelf, but, to make a long story short, I’ve discovered that I suck at miniature things. The first book wasn’t too bad–I used heavy paper for the cover and cut the pages out of an old booklet, so they were already glued together. However, you can see that my X-Acto blade wasn’t quite sharp enough so the page edges are a bit jagged.


When I tried a beautiful cloth-bound book like the one in the tutorial, though, things didn’t go as smoothly. My fabric, coated with glue, stuck to everything, so I resorted to covering it with waxed paper and bending it into shape with a ruler.


It still looked like it might come out okay, but when it dried and I peeled it from the paper, the corners were frayed and the binding was far from crisp. Yuck. Also, since I didn’t have any white glue, I used wood glue, which didn’t dry clear.


My fingers looked a bit worse for wear at the end of the project, too.


I gave up after just two books. So much for my little dollhouse library–books are pretty passé anyway, no?