Baby washcloths

My brother and sister-in-law are expecting a baby this spring, which is exciting news because it means I get to make cute things. After taking a look at their registry to see the types of things they needed, I decided to make some washcloths. Inspired by this tutorial, I decided to add a little pocket to the corner of each one. This will make them easier to hold on to when washing and give them something to hang from to dry.


These were super easy. I used bright fleece for one side and plain white flannel (left over from some quilts that Jared made) for the other. I made the little pockets of the white flannel and some green seersucker left over from this little sundress. For the cloths, I cut 8-inch squares of the fleece and flannel. The pockets were 4-inch squares cut on the diagonal. I sewed each piece of seersucker to the flannel backing along the diagonal edge, turned it right-side-out, and sandwiched it between the squares. I didn’t need to use pins because the flannel and fleece stuck together nicely.


I thought it would look strange to not topstitch around the pockets, so my pockets cannot be used on either side, like those in the tutorial I found. On the first two that I made–the yellow one and the pink pattern–the topstitching is a bit janky. The two later ones, both green, turned out much better, I think. Although I know these are going to be used to wipe up baby messes and don’t have to be perfect, I think I might redo the yellow one.


I think these would have been better if I’d had cuter fleece or flannel, but I am really trying to use up the overwhelming amount of fabric that I have. This was a great project for using up small pieces. Now to think of what else to make…


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