Purple tote bag

Over the weekend I finished another bag–my last one for a while. This one is for the awesome friend who gave me the Saint Sebastian pin cushion. I haven’t given it to her yet, but don’t think she reads or even knows about this blog so I should be safe. But just in case, Wendy, if you are reading, stop now!

This is just a straightforward bag of the type I’ve made many times before. Wendy wears a lot of blues and purples, so I looked for something in those two colors. I ended up using the same fabric as for my sister-in-law’s bag because I really love the color and the pattern. For the lining, I used a simple lavender print. The straps are natural cotton webbing. I have a feeling Wendy will be carrying books in here, so I wanted to make sure the straps were strong.


There is one exterior pocket and two narrow pockets on the interior, including one for pens and pencils.


It was nice to have something turn out well after my hat failure. Now that I’ve done a lot of sewing for other people, I hope to make a few things for myself in the coming weeks.


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