Sprouting seeds day 3: Germination!

Well, technically they started germinating a couple days ago, but today their little roots are finally big enough to be visible without close scrutiny. I think they will really take off today and tomorrow. The seeds need to be rinsed and drained twice a day and kept in the dark. Since cabinet space is at a premium, I keep them on the counter, angled on a dish drying rack and covered with a towel. It is more exciting than it probably should be to check on them twice a day.


This was the best photograph I could get through the glass jar.

The process has been a bit slower than I anticipated; I think the temperature may have something to do with it. The instructions say that a temperature of 70 degrees is ideal, but our house is never that warm in the winter. This is unfortunate both for me and the seeds. Unlike me, though, the seeds do not get a space heater.


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