Tomato sauce 2.0 (with food mill)

We’ve been getting lots of tomatoes from the CSA, so I’ve been making sauce every week. Wanting to save some time and make a more authentic Italian pasta sauce, I bought a food mill. I chose an inexpensive model with three disks since it seemed the most versatile and had good reviews. I used the same recipe as last time, except I didn’t blanch and peel the tomatoes; I just cored and chopped them, then tossed them in. For my second batch I didn’t even bother chopping the tomatoes first. I also added a pinch of sugar.


I cooked them for about 35 minutes on medium-high, then passed them through the food mill to remove the skins. I used the coarsest of the disks since I wanted the sauce to be a bit chunky and I don’t mind seeds in my sauce. The result was lovely–I liked the consistency better than my previous version with the immersion blender, and passing the sauce through the food mill was strangely satisfying. I have to admit that I was a bit grossed out by the slimy tomato skins and remnants when I cleaned off the food mill, but I am a bit strange when it comes to food scraps. I thought the tomatoes might stain the white plastic of the food mill but it came out of the dishwasher looking like new.


The result was quite good, though I can’t help but feel there is still just a little something lacking. Maybe more garlic next time?


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