Mid-September garden update

The past several weeks been very hot and dry, which has taken its toll on some of the plants. I gave up on the strawberries a long time ago, but everything else is holding up fairly well. It has been two months since my first tomato harvest and there are still plenty of tomatoes and even new blossoms.


I’m ashamed to say I’ve let a lot of them go to waste because I can’t keep up with them. I’ve frozen some (just popped them into the freezer whole in a single layer, then transferred them to bags when frozen) and today I’m slow roasting some more.

There is one tiny eggplant and we will probably get at least one more. I haven’t been the best about watering this plant, which is probably why it has taken so long to get fruit.


The herbs are doing fairly well. I cut back my Italian basils significantly to remove the flowers and some yellowed leaves, and removed quite a few leaves to make pesto. I plan to make another batch of basil soon. My Thai basil looks a bit sad and I haven’t used it at all. The rosemary is fine; I don’t use it as much as I had anticipated, though. I will look into preserving it by drying or freezing soon. The mint is huge.


I haven’t used any of it–I bought it with the thought of using it to flavor water and tea, but I never think of it. I’ll need to figure out something to do with it fairly soon.

It was a small garden this year, but it turned out fairly well despite my negligence when it comes to watering.


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