Roasted red pepper hummus

Generally I prefer foods that are simple. I love intense flavors–dark chocolate, wasabi, pesto, blue cheese, smoked Gouda, sharp cheddar, feta (I guess a lot of these are cheese-related)–but I tend to not like them competing with one another. Jared tends toward the opposite–he likes to mix various spices and ingredients together to make something interesting. So tonight when I decided to make hummus, I made a version for me and one for him.

I mostly followed this recipe from Smitten Kitchen. I’ve made it twice before and it is quite good. The recipe suggests peeling the chickpeas, which I do–it really does make the hummus wonderfully smooth. Although I love the recipe, I’ve felt that it was missing something that would turn it from great to excellent, and I thought olive oil would do the trick. I made the recipe as normal but added some extra-virgin olive oil along with the reserved chickpea water (I use canned chickpeas). I’m not so great at actually measuring things, so I can’t tell you how much olive oil I added, but it was probably a couple tablespoons.

When this was done, I removed half of the hummus from the food processor and added a roasted red pepper to the remaining half. Jared roasted this week’s CSA peppers on the grill and this seemed like a good time to use one.


While the normal hummus was indeed excellent, the roasted red pepper version was divine. It has the perfect amount of smokiness and spiciness. I will definitely be rethinking my opinion of flavored hummus.


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