Tomatoes and cheese

The cherry tomatoes keep coming, and I harvested more today. It had been a few days since I’d last collected them; therefore, several were split or partially eaten. I picked and discarded all the overripe and damaged ones since they were attracting fruit flies and other unsavory characters (but no more hornworms–hooray!). Despite the many that were unusable I still ended up with almost two cups.


I ate some of them with this beautiful water buffalo mozzarella from Cedar Grove Cheese. I can’t express how pleased I was to find buffalo mozzarella in the US.


This cheese is wonderful with my cherry tomatoes and fresh basil.


I also had many tomatoes left over from my last harvest–Jared doesn’t like them and I can’t eat them quickly enough. I thought about freezing them but they were getting a little soft and I read that freezing works best when the tomatoes are nice and fresh. Instead, I made slow-roasted tomatoes following a recipe on Smitten Kitchen. I cut the tomatoes in half, spread them on a cookie sheet, added a generous amount of olive oil, and baked them at 225°. I did not add salt, pepper, or herbs as the recipe suggests.


I forgot to keep track of how long I cooked them, but it was at least three hours. I checked them once in a while and took them out when the smallest ones were getting a bit too crispy. They smelled wonderful.


I poured olive oil over them and added a clove of roasted garlic. These are destined to go into pasta soon, along with some chard from the CSA.


Don’t they look beautiful?


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