Pillowcase skirt

This super-quick and super-casual skirt is the product of inspiration that struck while I was organizing the linen closet. Among the sheets was an old, heather grey pillowcase made from stretchy cotton t-shirt material. This pillowcase dates from my college days; I haven’t used it in well over a decade. I was about to tear it up to make rags when I realized it could be the world’s easiest skirt.


I just cut off the closed end of the pillowcase and sewed on thick elastic with a zigzag stitch. Then I folded the top over the elastic twice and sewed it down. I didn’t do a great job on the stitching, but I am not likely to wear this beyond the confines of my property, so I’m okay with that. I probably should have just made a casing and threaded the elastic through it; my sewing would have been better if I had not been stretching the elastic as I went.


There is a lot of heather grey and the whole thing was alarmingly sweat-pants-adjacent, so I added a little pocket made of leftover fabric from the yellow tote bag I recently finished. Then I made a coordinating tie with ribbon.


It’s not the prettiest thing in the world, but hey–it was free, and it’s so very comfortable. And it never hurts to have another skirt to wear around the house.


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