Sunny yellow tote bag

Yesterday I made a quick tote bag for my awesome friend Erin. It was difficult to choose a fabric for her because she likes every color. With help from Jared, I settled on a yellow stylized floral print with grey foliage and a coordinating grey print. Both are organic cotton from a Cloud 9 fabrics collection for Jo-Ann. I loved the colors and the simple, not-too-girly floral design. I chose a coordinating grey webbing for the handles.


I have made several variations of this tote bag (including this one), and it went together easily. I did have a problem sewing through the poly webbing–I usually use the cotton stuff, but it wasn’t available in grey–but switching to a heavy-duty needle made it a lot easier. I made the bag reversible with a contrasting pocket on each side.


I’m quite pleased with the way it turned out–love the colors and patterns.


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