Retro high-waist pencil skirt

I finally finished the pencil skirt I began nearly a month ago. The pattern is the first in Gertie’s New Book for Better Sewing. I spent more time on this than I usually do on sewing projects, and even made a muslin.


It turned out that the size 10 fit perfectly and needed no adjustments (though I did shorten it by a few inches), so I went ahead and began the skirt using some odd fabric that Jared’s mother gave me years ago. I think it is actually a home decor fabric, as it is fairly stiff. I absolutely love the retro-look pattern; it is a pale green with a print in darker green, black, ivory, turquoise, pink, and metallic gold.


The book does not provide very thorough instructions, but the pattern was straightforward and came together easily. Gertie suggests putting boning in the high waistband to help it hold its shape, so I did this. It was my first experience with boning and it was easier than I expected; I really like the structure that it gives the thick waistband. I hand-picked the lapped zipper, which was very easy, especially after making my niece’s dress last week. Rather than using a button to close the waistband, I opted for a pearly snap.


I used turquoise lace hem tape for the hem and back slit; I took my time hand-stitching it and it definitely turned out better than most of my hems.


It is not perfect, but I love it and am looking forward to wearing it soon, after washing, ironing, and trimming the loose threads. I will definitely be using this pattern again.



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