Girl’s sundress in seersucker

For my niece’s upcoming seventh birthday, I made a dress using Simplicity 3859. I immediately envisioned this in seersucker, but as always it took me forever to choose a color and a pattern. My niece is very girly and loves pink, but I’m not and I don’t, so I went with lime green. I think she’ll love the color. I chose white ribbon accents and lined the bodice in soft, white cotton.


The pattern was very easy to follow and the dress went together really quickly except for the zipper. It was my first lapped zipper, and I should have hand-picked it; however I decided to use the machine and the result wasn’t great. For some reason I chose a green zipper rather than a white one, which doesn’t help matters. I thought about taking it out and hand-sewing a white zipper in its place, but I was afraid of damaging the fabric. Instead I covered the zipper tape with white seam binding, which helps a bit. It also needs a good ironing, which is why it looks a bit wavy in the photo below.


I thought about making the bow detachable, but it wasn’t quite as obnoxious as I feared and the dress doesn’t look quite finished without it, so I tacked it in place. After washing and drying, however, the bow is a bit loose, so I will need to tack it in place more securely.


I really like sewing things for babies and children–everything goes much more quickly. I just wish I was better at it.


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