Sunroom updates update

As I mentioned last week, I wasn’t completely happy with the sunroom update. I hated the cushions in particular, so I decided to replace them with a body pillow, which was just the right width. The pillow is quite a bit shorter than the bench, but I can live with that. I made another pillow to help fill in the empty spaces.


I think the neutral color helps break up the blue a bit and makes the whole thing look far less Smurf-pukey. Also, it is much more comfortable now. I’m not sure what I’ll do with the foam and fabric from the cushions. Perhaps I’ll make a few more pillows.

There is a little cabinet in this space that holds my painting supplies–it has wheels and I believe it was designed to hold a microwave. I took off the doors and spray painted them blue (I wouldn’t have bothered but I had previously painted them red, which now looked really out of place). I tidied it up and put a scarf on top to make it a bit more interesting. I was thinking of making some curtains to cover the open space above the doors, but now I’m not sure–it doesn’t look as messy as I’d thought.


Here is a view of the space from the bedroom. I am down to one chair because the crack in the other one was worse than I thought and I don’t have all the materials on hand to repair it. I really don’t need two chairs in here anyway.


I still need to touch up some paint, but this is pretty much done. I plan to spend the evening out here working on my dissertation.


The cats approve.


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