Mid-June garden update

It’s hard to believe that June is halfway over–where has the time gone? We have had quite a bit of rain this year and the garden is doing beautifully. The tomatoes are getting really big, and I was happy to see a fat bumblebee buzzing among their flowers. I transplanted one of my cherry tomatoes from its too-small pot into a five-gallon fabric Smart Pot. I’ve been curious about how well these work after reading reviews on Amazon, so I ordered one to test out. We’ll see how it does. While transplanting, I discovered a few little green tomatoes on two of the plants.



So tiny!

The strawberries don’t seem to have grown much, but one of them has blossoms (which didn’t photograph well).


I also found a spot in the garden for the tiny eggplant from last week’s CSA share; I hope there will be enough room for it to reach full size. It has already grown a bit, as you can see by comparing the picture from the 4th of June.


The herbs are also doing well; the basil and mint are getting pretty big. Since my last garden update, I added rosemary and Thai basil to the little herb garden along with the new basil from the CSA. We should have more than enough basil soon. Everything is going well except the weed situation–I hate weeding and am hopelessly bad at it, but I’m trying to keep up so the plants will stay healthy.


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