Asian greens with miso tofu

This week’s CSA share, like last week’s, consisted mostly of a variety of leafy greens. There were four (!) different types of choi along with some other Asian greens, plus lettuce and radishes. We were allotted two lettuces, but I only took one since we had trouble eating all the lettuce last week.


Monday night a made a stir fry pretty much identical to last week’s. Today I tried something slightly different. I wanted to use up some of the miso I bought a few weeks ago, so I searched online for recipes. I found a few variations of baked miso tofu and used them as inspiration. I made a marinade for the tofu with miso, rice vinegar, soy sauce, and a bit of chili powder, then stir fried it in canola oil. I set the tofu aside and stir fried two of the chois in the remaining marinade along with some mustard seeds (I love mustard seeds). It was pretty good–I particularly loved the flavor of the tofu.


After these two meals, over half of the greens are gone. So far, a little over a week in, the CSA already seems like a great idea. I have never eaten so many greens (or so much tofu) in my life.



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