Spring planting

We joined a CSA this year so I didn’t plant as many vegetables as we normally would; furthermore, I got a bit of a late start this year, since the weather was cool and I was busy with grading final papers and exams. I did plant tomatoes early this year because I love them; I chose cherry tomatoes and planted them in containers. Two years ago our tomatoes had some symptoms of blight and I thought I might be able to avoid it by planting in containers; furthermore, since I planted them early, it was nice to be able to bring them in when the temperature dropped. The tomatoes are growing beautifully–unfortunately, I think  two of the three pots will end up being too small.


Today I picked up six strawberry plants, basil, and peppermint. Since the CSA only provides vegetables, I thought the strawberry would be a good choice. We will probably get herbs from the CSA, but I don’t know what types they will be or how much we will receive. I can pretty much never have too much basil, so that was an easy choice. I am terrible with basil–it always dies when I keep it in a pot, so I planted it in the garden to see if it would do better that way. I chose the peppermint since I thought it would be nice to add to water or iced tea to give it a bit of flavor. The basil and peppermint aren’t great looking, but I think they’ll be okay.




sweet Genovese basil



That’s all the space I have for planting this year. After last year’s drought, I hope the garden will be much more successful this year.


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