Baby shower gifts

Two lovely friends of mine are expecting a baby boy, so I decided to make them a shower gift. I have made a few baby and little kid things before, and they are usually quick and fun projects. After looking up various tutorials on the web, I decided on a bib and a little stuffed animal. Additionally, I decided to make a little bucket style hat from McCall’s M4478, as I’ve had success with this pattern in the past.

I began with the hat, using a green textured fabric for the main portion and a colorful coordinating cotton cut from an old pair of pajamas for the lining. It went together easily, though hand sewing the ribbon to the lining nearly made me crazy. I hope it will stay together.


Next I made the bib. I used this tutorial for a boutique-style bib, and it worked nicely. I used the same two fabrics for the front and super-soft, off-white fleece for the back. I thought about adding some yellow rick-rack where the two front fabrics meet, but decided to leave it plain.


The instructions said to use Velcro for the closure, but I only had black Velcro, which would have looked terrible. Fortunately, I had a snap kit among my stash of vintage sewing supplies; the snaps have a lovely pearl finish. I had never used snaps before, but it was very easy. Had I planned ahead a bit more, I would have used something inside to stabilize the snap, since the green fabric and fleece are kind of flimsy, but I think it will hold up okay.


The last item was a stuffed giraffe. I based my design on this tutorial, but I didn’t have the example in front of me when I made it and, as will become clear shortly, I just freehanded the design. The result is a little awkward and I’m a bit embarrassed of it, but Jared told me it’s cute. I wanted to put bells inside, and I was sure I had some, but I couldn’t find them anywhere. The back is made of the same fleece as the back of the bib.


Here is the complete set. I love the fabrics together, but overall I’m worried that everything looks too cheesy. I cut out the hat pieces a few nights ago, but I finished everything else, including fixing numerous mistakes and washing and drying all three items, in one evening.


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