Summer recap

Sadly the summer is pretty much gone and I am getting ready to leave for a research trip (well, the research trip part isn’t sad). I didn’t do quite as many projects as I’d hoped this summer, but I am still happy with my results. I ended up wearing the wrap dress to a wedding and at least one other occasion. The yellow dress is definitely a new favorite and I’ve worn it out a few times. After washing, the fit seemed better; I think the weight of the original dress stretched out the armholes over time but the combination of washing and drying seemed to make it right again. I also love my corduroy skirt. As I’d hoped, washing evened out the nap so it is now impossible to see where the pockets were. I’ve only worn my long blue skirt once, but it has already been packed for travel.

There are, of course, many things that I still need to complete. My to-do list includes finishing the dress for my mom (yes, it’s embarrassing that I’m not done with it yet–sorry mom), adding pockets to the corduroy skirt, finishing the size alterations for my short blue skirt, sewing a striped skirt of my own (very simple) design that I have already cut out, and finishing a Nefertiti costume that I started last fall. I also have some even older unfinished projects hanging around, including a laptop bag from 2007, a dress from 2006, and an embroidery project from about the same time. Finally, I have many ideas for things I want to make. Most of this, unfortunately, will probably have to wait for next summer, though, or perhaps winter break.


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