I like vegetables

The title comes from an awesome 1960s era book I found at a school library giveaway. Right now, I am feeling the vegetable love as things are ripening and becoming delicious in the garden. First, some beautiful tomatoes.

At least one of these is destined to be part of a Caprese salad later today, along with some of my fresh basil. I have already eaten two tomatoes from this plant, both in Greek salads, and they were delicious. There are still twenty or more tomatoes on this plant, most of them green.

The hanging tomato isn’t doing as well. I removed the two with blossom end rot and the two or three tiny ones left are showing no signs of it. I also cut off some of the more yellow branches from this plant, hoping it will become a bit healthier.

The branch from this plant that I rooted in the ground seems to be doing fine. I wish I would have skipped the upside-down planter altogether and just planted this one traditionally.

We also have another eggplant. Jared put the last one in a stir fry and it was quite good. Eggplants are very strange–they look like alien creatures or something.

Finally, our pomegranate seems to have more blossoms than ever before.

I’m hoping to finally make some progress on my mom’s dress tonight. As the fall semester approaches, procrastination becomes more of a problem.


One thought on “I like vegetables

  1. Great pictures! Our tomato crop is a bit slow this year, just a few ripe so far. Those have mainly gone into chees and tomato sandwiches. The green beans are coming yet, but really don’t like those anyway. Found about a pint of raspberries today and am starting on a batch of zucchini brownies. mmmmm. It is good when vegetarians like veggies.

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