Tomatoes and other growing things

It has been a while since I’ve done a garden update. Our peas succumbed to the heat wave, but not before we enjoyed several of them. My dwarf pomegranate is beginning to flower. Usually we get several flowers but no fruit, but last year one tiny pomegranate developed. I don’t know if they are edible or not and we didn’t try to eat it; maybe if we get one this year I’ll try it out.

We also have a lovely eggplant that looks almost ready to harvest.

Our tomato is doing beautifully. There are more than 20 green tomatoes of various sizes and more blossoms. They have not started turning red, though.

My hanging tomato has three fruit. They look good, right?

Except the bottoms are turning black. After a quick Google search I found that they have blossom end rot.

Yuck. The two bigger ones look like this, but the smaller one seems okay so far. I found that tomato end rot is caused by a calcium deficiency or uneven watering. I gave it some fertilizer and some water with a couple of dissolved calcium tablets. I think the problem is that the plant is just too big for the upside-down planter and the roots don’t have enough room to grow. I should have done a bit more research on the best tomato for this type of planter. I cut off a damaged branch from this plant and put it in water–it only took about a day to grow roots and I planted it in the ground. I don’t know if it will do well or not, but I really want some heirloom tomatoes.


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