Wrap dress (with serger!)

I am almost finished with my wrap dress. This was my first experience with knits and there were definitely some frustrations along the way, especially in cutting out the pattern. I don’t particularly enjoy cutting out pattern pieces anyway, and the stretchiness of the fabric made the task unpleasant  and less accurate than it should have been. The actual pattern was fairly straightforward. I used Simplicity 2369 and made version B with some fabric I bought on clearance for a dollar a yard. Including the thread that I bought, the total cost of this dress was about four dollars.

I still have to finish the sleeves and hem, but it is mostly done. I am pretty happy with it, though the wrap part in front doesn’t hang quite right. I think I can gather it up in a more flattering way with some hand stitches. This was only my second or third time making sleeves, but this style was super easy. The most exciting part of this project, though, was using my serger for the first time. I basted the seams first to check for fit, like the pattern instructions suggested, and then serged them. I really wasn’t entirely sure what I was doing, but it came out really well and I love how professional the inside of the dress looks.

lovely serged seam

For the buckle, I used a funky one from the garage sale stash I bought in June. The openings are a touch too small, I think, but I like the pattern and the contrast with the dress.

If this still looks okay after the hemming, I plan to wear it to a wedding this weekend. I will definitely use this pattern again; I think it would look better with a patterned fabric and it might drape better with a lighter knit.


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