Dress progress

Today I continued work on the green dress and met with a few frustrations. The armhole facings were as expected. For some reason I am really bad at armhole facings and they always end up looking bunched and poke out of the armholes. The hem did not go well at all. The first hem was so bad that I just cut the dress off above it, making it a bit shorter than I intended. Next I tried a blind hem, which I have never done before. It is okay, but not as even as I’d like and it isn’t really blind because the satin shows every stitch. I am not super happy with it, but there isn’t much I can do at this point. I suppose I could make some bias tape for the hem, but I have already spent way too much time on this project. Here is the almost finished dress, a bit wrinkled because I wore it while I was working on the belt:

I took it in a bit along the front seam and the fit was better. Next I started a belt; I decided to just go with the same fabric as the dress and used an ancient belt kit from the stash of stuff I got at the garage sale a week and a half ago. The belt was fine, but really boring, so I added a bow. I think I like it, but I’m not sure if it’s too twee.

I also bought a big satin flower pin today at the fabric store for $1.99. I tried adding that to the belt, but I think it’s too much, even for me.

The flower matches my shoes, so I might use it somehow–maybe in my hair? I also decided not to make a purse because I am frankly really tired of working with this satin. I realized that I already have a bag in my collection that will work fine.

I am a bit frustrated with this project and am wondering whether I should just wear another dress; perhaps this one is too homemade and embarrassing. I think I need to set it aside for a while and decide when I am less irritated with it.


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