Green dress

I am currently working on a dress to wear to my brother’s wedding later this month. After much deliberation, I decided to use Simplicity 9221 from c. 1971; this came from the new stash of patterns that my dad recently brought me. I liked the simple but interesting neckline, the front seam, and the fact that it looked pretty easy to put together. I chose view 2 because I don’t have much experience with sleeves and I didn’t want to experiment too much with this project.

For the fabric, I had a very specific shade of green in mind–something like a combination of olive and chartreuse. I was hoping to use a brocade, but none of the brocades I found was exactly what I was looking for. The only thing I found in the color I wanted was a satin. I wasn’t sure about working with satin, but it was on sale for only $5 a yard and the color was perfect, so I bought it. I was afraid my pattern would be a bit small, so I traced a pattern that I’ve used before over the bodice from underarm to hip. The other pattern had a slightly different and deeper dart at the sides, so I used those darts instead. Everything seemed to go together fine, but rather than being a bit tight, it is actually slightly big. I will have to take in the waist a bit. As you can see, it looks rather shapeless, like a big, shiny pillowcase. I have not pressed everything (guess who hates ironing?) and I still have to do the armhole facings, finish the neck facings around the zipper, and decide on a hem length. I think I’ll shorten it a few inches.

I hand-picked the zipper after seeing a tutorial online. I think it came out okay, but the stitches pucker a bit. It still looks better than most of the other zippers I’ve done. I might add beading if I have time.

I am also planning to make a belt and a matching bag, though I can’t decide if I should make them out of the ivory satin I bought last week or if they should match the dark red shoes I’m planning to wear with it. I’m really hoping everything turns out okay, as I don’t really have time to make another dress!


2 thoughts on “Green dress

  1. Nice job on the zipper, I have never seen a hand sewn zipper, it adds a nice detail. Great choice in fabric. Buttons down the front like view 1 would be a nice option. Can’t wait to see it ironed! Well done.

  2. I’m impressed by the dress! It looks great even without being kissed by the iron. I like the red shoes/ivory purse idea, but I’m not sold on the ivory belt. I like the dark, rich green of the fabric and wonder if ivory would be too much of a contrast?

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