Tomatoes and basil

On Saturday we went to the farmers’ market and I picked up three plants for five dollars. I chose two basils, one green and one amethyst, and a tomato plant. Last year I bought one of those upside-down tomato planters at the end of the season for a ridiculously low clearance price so I’ve decided to try it out. I wanted a medium-sized tomato so I chose a Red Pear Piriform.

little tomato plant

I really want some tasty fresh tomatoes so I am hoping that the planter will work, though watering it every day, as the instructions specify, may be a bit beyond my responsibility level. I’m excited about the basil as well. I just love the taste and smell of fresh basil and buying it in the store gets really expensive. Every time I’ve tried to grow my own, though, I end up killing it. Maybe it will do better if I keep it outside rather than in the kitchen?


Now that I’ve started buying plants, maybe I’ll finally get around to choosing my annuals for the year.


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